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About Calm Club

Calm Club exists to create a safe space for your inner child to find freedom in imperfection. 

We are a community unlearning the ideals of perfection. We host gatherings that feed your soul and let serotonin flow, from movement medicine, therapeutic art and intimate talks designed to enable you to connect, think freely and share openly.


In our safe space, we connect to each other, to ourselves, and to the elements of nature. 

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Meet Reena

Meet the team



Hi, I'm Reena. 
Impact marketer by day, and often found dancing into the night. For years, I felt that my worth came from my levels of productivity, so I was always on the go—never present or content.

As part of my practice to unlearn these core values, I found that dance and being immersed in nature were some of the ways that I naturally felt more present. Movement has truly been my medicine. It is a practice that is completely at our disposable and not dependent on anyone else or anything, other than you. It has been magic, and so I am so grateful to be able to share this practice with you.

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Meet Claudia


Therapeautic art guide.

Coming soon. 

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Meet Sorin


Resident chef and mental health support.

Coming soon. 

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"A magical experience.
I felt a sensation of happiness and relief that brought me to tears."


Calm Club logo.png
Calm Club logo.png

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