Reasons to take up Yoga

It’s impossible not to have been exposed in one way or another – but Yoga is not a recent phenomenon. A 5,000 old practice of aligning the mind and body through ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice and ritual, the benefits are endless.

You can do yoga anywhere life takes you

You can do yoga anywhere life takes you

Whether you’ve never so much as set foot in a Yoga class, or you’re a fully fledged Stretch Armstrong waiting for the kettle to boil in full-on Sirsasana pose, there is a massive variety of different ways to practice, and a level of Yoga for every person, every age, and every body type.

Practicing Yoga means that you’ll become more flexible and have better mobility. This is invaluable, especially if you’re a regular visitor to the gym, or participate in any other kind of sport. Deep connective tissues in the muscles build up strength and resistance through repetitive and sustained postures, making them fire more effectively in more explosive activity like sprinting, football, and martial arts.

Yoga Deck  - 52 Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga Deck - 52 Yoga Poses for Beginners

As well as the positive physical impact, Yoga has fantastic benefits for your mental health. Yoga is not a competitive sport, which reduces our need for a comparison to fellow yogis and yoginis. It’s a constant learning process, and one that connects our body and mind. And if you want to, you can do it at home! For free! In your pyjamas! Especially if you use our Yoga Deck - which means you never have to miss a class.