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Spring Awakening

11th June 2023, 11am - 4pm

You are invited to join Calm Club’s Spring Awakening—a nourishing gathering for your mind and body before stepping into the Summer months.


After months of deep slumber, Spring is a time for rebirth and growth—a time for you to sow your seeds of intention, focussing on what you want to create and harvest in the year ahead.

The day will begin with a movement medicine session, followed by a terrarium-making workshop where you will create a healthy environment for life to thrive, and a spring buffet.

We hope f you to leave the Spring Awakening session with calm, clarity, a renewed sense of community, and well equipped for all that Summer has to offer.

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(Only 10 spaces available)


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Bespoke packages

We also host bespoke gatherings, crafted in a way that suits you and your guests. Whether you are celebrating a specific event or simply wanting to try something different with your friends, family or colleagues, we'd love to be part of it.

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Past events


Dreamscape Gathering

End of Summer Circle

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