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 Calm Club

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Gatherings that feed your soul and let serotonin flow

Calm Club is a community unlearning the ideals of perfection. 

We let go of our inhibitions to find our inner child, and together, we move like nobody's watching, we create like there was no right or wrong, and we find freedom in imperfection.


In our safe space, we connect to ourselves, to each other, and to the elements of nature.


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We move

We dance to drop out of our mind and into our body.

This is about using movement to express how we feel, moving through our thoughts and feelings without overthinking or overcomplicating them. This is about trying something that may feel uncomfortable to the mind, but is freeing and most natural for the body.

Through this guided practice, we reconnect with our playful inner child and together we face our shadows and face our light.

We move through them, without judgement or care.

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Calm Club logo.png

We create

As children, we drew to express what was on the inside to the outside world, we created imaginative stories for the most basic of tasks. 

Paintbrushes made us feel like magicians, eating was a sensory experience and even short walks were the biggest of adventures.

But one day, as we got older, we stopped. Everything moved faster, and play was ring-fenced. 
We became our harshest critics, seeking only perfection.


At Calm Club, we hand creativity back to our inner child, and undo the blocks to experience more freely.

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"No judgement.
No nothing.
This is me.
F🍁ck it."

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Meet the facilitators

Hey there, we're Claudia and Reena, founders of Calm Club. 
We're so excited for you to join this safe space and find freedom in imperfection.

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